Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Truly Bliss

I can't imagine a greater thrill for a teacher than seeing tops finished--and these just a couple months after the end of the class!

Both of these beauties are from Monthly Bliss 3.  The blocks are hand pieced and the tops are set by machine.  Check them out!

First, Pat B. from central New York, with her blocks floating on a blue background.  Just stunning!  (Pat is vertically challenged enough that she could not show her smiling face and get all the quilt in the picture.  She didn't even try for the Kilroy look.)

And you remember Penny--this is such a different color scheme for her.  She's usually all about purple!  Black, white, red and gray--and simply fabulous.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your magnificent works with us.  Who knows what they will be up to next!

Blissful hugs,

Monday, August 26, 2013

We Interrupt...

It was a dark and stormy night, August 8.  And that storm finished the ash tree.  I think I had posted about one of the branches coming down in the previous storm.  

The view from the house.  

And the pipe containing the electrical service was at an angle from the house.  Definitely not good!

When the tree was taken down, it also brought down both the telephone line and the electrical pole.  The good news?  The electricity was not interrupted--truly a miracle, and the next day a very nice electrician put the wires back on the house and the pipe is gone.  The not so good news?  It took almost ten days for the phone company to fix the line.  As much as I'm disenchanted with dial-up, having absolutely nothing for almost ten days was even worse.  Even I found that hard to believe.

I've been working on a new sample for the fall.  Half the blocks are done and pressed (it's hand piecing).  I also have some great student quilts to share in the next couple posts.  Don't give up on me; it's been a rough August around here!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I am listening to Silken Prey by John Sandford.  Excellent!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Awe-Inspiring Artwork

Last Sunday, eight ladies started the labeling class with no confidence in being able to be artistic.  These photos prove they were wrong.

Linda's beauty.

Nancy D's not-quite-finished piece--no worries, she was finishing it at home.

Nancy L's beauty.
Great job, ladies!  Oh, Stephanie had to leave early, so I didn't get a pic of hers.  A fun time was had by all!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  A mini rant:  On Master Chef, Bri was given a second chance to get back into the competition.  She showed up wearing high-heeled, open toe shoes.  Really?  Against two guys in--yes, you guessed it--sensible shoes.  Okay, she did win the challenge, but even she admitted that her feet were cramping.  No kidding.

Saturday, August 3, 2013