Thursday, May 22, 2008

Early Thursday

On Wednesday evening, driving to class, I saw a complete rainbow! It was so unexpected and spectacular. It was visible for several minutes! It's the second one I've seen this month...I'm choosing to think of them as good omens.

Awhile ago I posted a picture of the center of this hexagon. Here it is all grown up. The center hexagon measures just 1/4 inch per side, with the entire hexagon being 8 inches. I'm really liking how these are turning out. And I already have two setting ideas plus plans for some smaller projects that could be used as gifts.

Here's another one. (Truthfully, they are addicting--I can't stop making them!)

Remember that my mom planted tulips and crocus for me? This picture shows the tulips--we both think they are very unusual. The small one, creamy white with a hint of fushia tip, is how each one comes out. Then, as the blossoms grow bigger, the edging turns to purple and continues to flow to the bottom of the petals. We've never seen anything like it! They are so pretty and are still blossoming.

People can call me crazy (and they do!), but I'm thankful for the cooler, damper weather. We need the rain and I can always put more clothes on, but I can only take so many off. My eyes, my eyes....

And on that note, I'll bid you good night or good morning, whichever applies to you as you are reading this. Stitch whenever and wherever you can. Happy thump day plus one!

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  1. Love those hexagon blocks -if you won't GIVE them to me, then I will take the classes to make my own, if you offer them.

    How thrilling to see a full arc rainbow - a rare treat and one you deserve!



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