Monday, May 12, 2008

Images of Spring

Though the temperatures at night and the bite to the wind speak otherwise, the animals and flowers have decreed that spring is here. The rabbits are having a great time running and jumping (straight up!) and generally looking like Keystone Kops!

The woodchuck has dug several escape routes to my back porch. Lynnie is especially entranced with the tunnels--eau de woodchuck, no doubt!

The flowering quinces have been loaded with blossoms; more than I've ever seen.
What would spring be like without some stormy skies? I love the play of light behind the trees and the cloud formations.
Up close and personal with a tulip. This is one of the ones my mom planted last fall for me. The lavendar on the edging keeps working its way down toward the bottom of the tulip. I love the blue "star" at the bottom. You can almost see the pollen spores getting ready to burst forth.

Last night after I finished mowing, I brought a bouquet of fresh lilacs into the house. They remind me of the May I got married, when the lilacs at my parents' house were the fullest and prettiest that they had ever been. The scent always reminds me of that wonderful day. I have both dark purple and white, and the air outside is redolent with their scent.

And, yes, you inquiring minds, I have been quilting. Trying a new batting, finishing some hand piecing samples, writing new handouts.... The list of "to-do's" is never ending--but still fun.

Stitch a bit--you're worth it!

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