Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little Bit of Stuff

Well, we are almost back to Thump Day. Where do the weeks go?

A few weeks ago, I taught the 5 pointed star class in Ithaca. Marion, a first-time hand piecer, made two versions (see pictures). Then, she turned them into a Tooth Fairy Pillow for her grandson! The star with the orange center has a pocket to hold the tooth--and the loot! What a wonderful idea for a non-frilly boy's pillow! Check out those sharp points! Way to go, Marion! (Marion is also a first-class embroiderer and has just lately come to quilting. She is currently working her way through Bea Oglesby's Wildflower book--and the blocks are truly a sight to behold. And the wildflower blocks were her first applique attempts!)

On Sunday, June 22, I will be at Calico Gals in Fayetteville, New York, from noon until 3 p.m. to promote the release of "Dresden Plates of Distinction" in CD format. The book has been out of print for over a year, so this is big news! No one will have to pay almost $300 on the internet to own a copy of the book! (That's how much the paper copies are selling for in one place; almost $80 on Amazon!) If you are in the area, stop in and say hey.

On June 14, I did a short labeling lecture at the Consortium show in Cicero. 27 women, who all swore they could not draw, left with a small inked wreath that looked like a million bucks! After the lecture I went down to the vendor area, where some of the students were showing off their handiwork. Their "friends" said that they must have traced the design, or done something else--it could not possibly have been "drawn" by the students. Luckily, I was able to assure everyone that indeed each student had drawn their own wreath--and there were 27 samples to prove it! Empowerment at its finest! Each woman went home knowing that she could draw and with proof in hand!

I'm always amazed at how quickly time passes. Each year in September I start a new hand pieced block of the month series. And each year, June seems like an eternity away. Yet, here it is June again and yesterday was the last class for this session. For any of you Bliss-ters reading this, thank you for a fabulous year! It is so rewarding to form friendships with so many wonderful women. The best part of a long-term class is that everyone has a chance to bond, to form a support group, to get to know each other.

I remember about a year ago I was getting ready to go to lunch with four other ladies. And in an existential moment was wondering if I was really making a difference--I am after all teaching quilting--it's not like I'm a brain surgeon! It was then that I realized that the four women I was meeting for lunch did not know each other before taking classes with me--and WE are now all friends--through thick and thin, quilting or not quilting. So the answer to my question was Yes, I do make a difference. We ALL make a difference--for good or bad--we may just not see it. Let's use our power for good.

I'll leave you this time with this thought:

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle." I don't know who said it, but truer words were never spoken. Good night...or...good morning!

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