Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, Monday Redux

For your viewing pleasure--here are two pictures of my first pair of socks! Yes, I know each sock starts at a different place in the yarn. But, being a newbie to sock knitting, I wasn't sure if I'd have enough yarn to finish the second sock if I started them the same. I would have lost quite a large repeat and figured it wasn't worth taking a chance. The yarn is Plymouth Sockotta (knit on size 1 needles) and makes the patterns itself--see, I could have taken credit for all those fabulous stripes, but I didn't!
I have the first sock done in a pair for my mom and the second one cast on and a bit of ribbing done. These are in a superwash wool (worsted weight) on size 5 needles. Needless to say, the thicker yarn and bigger needles makes for much faster sock knitting!

The event at Calico Gals yesterday was fun and quite a few people got to see me on Simply Quilts and to see and touch the actual quilts. And a lucky few got a sneak peak at my Snake in the Grass quilt, which I am in the process of hand quilting. People were sort of taken aback by it, but it is my brainchild from start to finish. (I don't know what that says about me!)

On the right side of the blog is a new box--this is an entry port to the Quilt Teacher Blog Ring, where you can read quilting blogs from the likes of the Piece O'Cake gals, John Flynn, Karen Combs, Mary Stori and more. Check it out--it's fun to get a different perspective on our most favorite of activities--yes, that would be quilting!!!

Housework may never have killed anyone, but why take the chance? Quilting forever, housework.........only when you absolutely have to!

Hasta la vista, fellow quilters!


  1. Sharon:

    It was great to have you be the "guest star" at our first Summer Sunday! Your quilts always amaze everyone who sees them.

    We are looking forward to hosting 3 of your Bliss of Hand Piecing classes also on Summer Sundays. When I last checked -the classes were almost full. If anyone is interested in taking a class from one of the best teachers in New York (the US and the world!) please give Calico Gals a call. 315-445-0617.

    Calico Gals

  2. Socks look great Sharon. nice work. I saw a peek of that snake and meant to ask about if before being distracted by your other beauties.

    I hope you bring it sunday to thimbles!

    Great seeing you.



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