Friday, October 24, 2008

Hand Piecing Marvels

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I love hand piecing. It is portable and easy, and you can achieve excellent results with even the hardest patterns. Here are three hand-pieced Mariner's Compasses.

First photo is of Sandy's wintery compass. She has plans to expand a feathered star top she started a while ago and is making compasses to help that plan along.

Next is Flo's black, white and red beauty! How striking! She has the completed compass basted for hand quilting. Can't decide what colors to use for your next quilt--how about black and white with a touch of red? It sure is eye-catching!

Robin's color palette is soft and pleasing. The design on the circle will be wonderful to quilt. And the color placement makes the compass look like it's traveling toward you. Great job!

And last for tonight, this is Cathy's Monthly Bliss 1 quilt from several years ago. She made 25 blocks and set them on point. She had it machine quilted and it is just beautiful.

All four of the ladies are involved in additional hand piecing classes with me this year. Proving yet again that one can never have too much bliss--hand piecing bliss, that is!
Did you do something great for yourself today? Did you take time to just breathe? Only you can make it happen! Give it a try!

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