Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Perseverance and More Quilt Show Pics

Remember "Sock Gone Bad"? Well, I refused to let this yarn get the best of me. So I went down one needle size and started the ruffled socks again. I was almost to the toe once again when I wanted to rip them back out, but...I didn't. I decided that someone could use these socks and it was foolish to have almost half a pair done only to rip it out. I stuck with it and here are the results. A finished pair of ruffled socks.

Here they are laid flat, along with my second "Wee Sock". (Somehow I misplaced my first wee sock and felt compelled to knit another one in the same yarn!) I'm still not sure exactly why I don't like this yarn, but I would think long and hard before knitting with it again. But it did not beat me! I presently have a pair of bulky yarn socks on needles for my brother (don't tell him!). On size 8 needles they are going really fast--only 40 rows for the cuff and I have the heel flap done. I also have another pair of wool socks on needles--I am absolutely swooning over the yarn and pattern. I'll share more on them in another post.

Back to the quilt show. When the guild decided that they wanted to do a pieced raffle quilt, they asked me to do classes on their chosen block to make assembling the blocks and quilt easier. Most finished their practice blocks into finished pieces.

Barb A. set her block on point, added a small border and corner triangles. The colors are warm and inviting.

Ginny D. made a Missouri Puzzle variation of the Goose in the Pond block (top), while Barb T. used the traditional block for hers.

Jan H. liked the block so much that she made an entire bed-sized quilt with them. Finishing at 15", it doesn't take many blocks to make a decent sized quilt. Adding sashing and borders (not shown) finished the quilt beautifully.

Nancy C. (remember her star quilt last post?) floated the block and then floated the entire center. Strong contrast really sets this block to advantage.

And last, but not least, Barb T. started this Thimbles quilt in a class with me earlier this year. The center is hand pieced and Barb machine quilted this small gem.

The raffle quilt was done in shades of blue and was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, I apparently did not win, as I did not get the call--but whoever did win has a quilt to treasure forever. Congratulations, ladies, on a great show and on doing me proud!

I'm off to Concord, Massachusetts tomorrow to do a trunk show. I'm hoping the leaves will be breathtaking on my way to and fro. A short side trip may take me to Lowell to the New England Quilt Museum and of course to any quilt shops that I can find. I know we quilters are doing our best to keep the economy going...if only the politicians were quilters!

Til next time, take a few stitches and breathe easier.


  1. Sharon, the socks are adorable. And the quilt pictures are inspiring indeed! I am glad that "annoying" got you back on your blog. We missed you!


  2. hello sharon.
    im your fun for those things its adorable..i tried knitting and crochet but im not too satisfied for the result im not too ferpect for it..
    passing here


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