Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today was the wake-up call to all of us who have been in denial about winter coming. I myself was enjoying the fall weather and I especially love the golden light at this time of year. Today, however, we have had high winds and SNOW!!!! There are about 3 inches on the ground of the white stuff--geez, it's not even November yet. And I doubt if many towns have outfitted the plows and salt trucks. But it's supposed to be in the 50s on Friday.

Callie has been trying to help more often in the sewing room--specifically on my cutting mat--often while I am trying to rotary cut. In self defense, I brought a remnant of fleece and put it on a corner of the island. She loves it there and makes fewer forays into the danger zone. She can also look down on Lynnie, who hates that she is up so high.

On Saturday, Lyn D. brought in her finished Friendship Quilt. She started it in a class with me and finished it with her own machine quilting. Because she cannot decide which way to hang it, she put sleeves on both a long and a short side--that's versatility! It's absolutely beautiful--great job, Lyn!

Last night I did a trunk show for the Twilight Stitchers in Mattydale, New York. What a wonderful group of ladies, and they were kind enough to invite another guild to join them for the evening. I knew several of these ladies, having taught at their guild (remember the disco ball? It's that group!). Proving yet again that quilters are caring, special people. I had a great time and I think they all did too. Plus, they came up with the most potential names for one of my quilts. What a way to start the week!

Did you thread your needle today? Or do something equally as nice for yourself?

Til next time--stay safe---and warm!

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  1. Yes, the weather was a shock to our system. I woke up to about 18 inches of snow! Definitely a good day to quilt:)

    Cindy O


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