Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Weather Outside...

BRRR!!!! No matter where you are, let it be known that it is very cold in Central New York! The windchill is below zero and the winds are high. And we've had several days of snow with more to come. So...I've spent the day making presents! It seemed so good to just spend the day sewing--and it was a mostly machine work day, with a bit of hand sewing thrown in. Contrary to what some people believe, I actually started out machine piecing--but always with hand quilting! My goal as a teacher is to keep the hand skills alive, but machine skills are also important. And to that end, I am teaching several machine piecing classes after the first of the year. I will update my website soon with those listings for those of you who are interested.

I did finish Scarpetta--thrilling from beginning to end. I was, however, a bit disappointed in A Quilter's Kitchen--it really is mostly a recipe book with short stories thrown in between the sections. The good news for this time of year--it only took about an hour to read; the bad news is that it left me wanting more from this book. My opinion only--it should in no way be construed as the view of any other reader.

Just like very other holiday season, it seems that it comes too fast, requires lots of last minute frantic activity and is over before I blink. A few years ago Jen, owner of Pucky Huddle Delight, and I decided that having a Christmas Club would be a great idea. We would start in January and "bank" our finished projects so that we would have all our Christmas gifts done by October. We did ornaments, placemats, and some other fun stuff. The only problem was that half the class moved away and the club ended in April! And, sad to say, my stuff was in exactly the same state as when I finished the classes--in other words--absolutely nothing finished! The best laid plans of quilters everywhere!

Happy Hanukkah to those starting their celebration on Monday! And to all...a good night!


  1. Hi Sharon--ialso find it very diffuclt to do Chmas projects--there just isn't enough time in Dec. so i have told myself i will keep working on them in Jan--that doesn't happen--then i say well there's always Chmas in July--that doesn't happen either--then i think and promise myself to start in Sept--well, we know that doesn't work any better--soooo???? Any ways--maybe some has an answer for us???? Have a very Merry Christmas-Diane who is also cold in the fingerlakes----

  2. Amen! If only there was some way to stay on track. I do have to admit, this was my best year yet. I did 4 sets of Christmas pillow cases, one wallhanging that I started last year..LOL, and have a few things to work on now for next year. I was SOOOO busy with work and school up until Dec 15th, I just did not have time to breathe, let alone sew. With the bad weather it has worked well to stay home and sew...and I like it!!!

    HUGS and a very Merry Christmas!!

    Sheila "annoying"


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