Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi, everyone. My name is Callie. My mom told me she has been posting more frequently (for her!) and no one is commenting. She is wondering if anyone is out there reading her stuff and looking at her pictures.

Knock, knock--is anyone there? Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln who? don't know me? (A really good M*A*S*H oldie!) But seriously, is anyone out there?

Life is good here at Stroud Quilting Central--except my mom talks to herself quite a bit--should I be worried? Nah, she always has a good supply of dog and cat food and treats and a HUGE supply of catnip. And at least she won't be known as the "Cat Lady" because of that dog in our life. So I guess she'd have to be the "Cat and Dog Lady" or maybe just "Crazy" would fit the bill.

Well, all this typing has made me tired, so I am going to have a hit of catnip and take a nap. Don't forget to you can see, I will be checking!


  1. Giggle, okay, first time I've seen your blog and I don't really have much to say except I truly love calico cats! And yours writes so well. Very impressive.
    Lurking Linda

  2. Okay, Okay, I do check the blog regularly but without leaving a message. I am also thankful for what we have and the quilts that you have shown are gorgeous! I am so envious of the ladies who take classes with you and produce such wonderful quilts. I would love to learn how to "Quilt Sharon's Way". Maybe one of these days (once I retire) I will be able to take a class. Thank you Callie for writing and letting us know that we need to participate in the blog also.

    Cindy O

  3. Callie,
    Rusty and Teaser (combined weight of 30 pounds) say Hello. Would you like some hints on how to properly train your mother? We have our mother trained to feed us the right way (any time we want).
    Our Grandmother would rather be sewing or at least looking at quilting books right now but she knows that there is a whole world out there that does not survive on quarter inches alone. Sad souls!

    Have fun.

  4. Hey.... annoying was working on two masters projects, not to mention racking her brain on how to circle her wagons.... She does however check DAILY to see Miss Sharon's words of wisdom, someone must be annoying when the moment strikes! BTW, Timmy, Rudy, Mario and Alex send their catterly regards. They, too, live in a quilting dog infested home, but are learning to live with both.

    There is hope!

    Hugs from the Funny Farm

  5. Awwww, Callie, I'm sorry. Tell your mom I check every day but only comment if I have something smart to say. I'll make an exception this time.


  6. Hi Callie and Sharon, Like I said the other night, I check at least once a day, if not more often, to see if there's a new post. It's nice to see that you, Callie, are helping with the blog. GRIN.


  7. I do check in here often, the website, too.........don't leave notes, tho
    but please know you are in my thoughts VERY often
    missing you
    wish we lived closer to one another
    your friend,
    Sharon G


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