Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Reveal - Part One

First, I have to say that all the guesses about my activities were very entertaining--wrong--but entertaining! I almost fell off my chair laughing at some of them! But I digress.

Photo one is entering the venue:
Here's a clue:

And if you still haven't guessed it:

Yes, that's me with Homespun Top Note--affectionately known as Topper. We are at the New York State Morgan Horse Society Show, which was held at the State Fair Grounds from September 16-19. Over 1000 Morgan horses were in attendance--a supreme overload for horse fans!
Here I am combing out his tail. It hits the floor and then trails behind him for at least a foot! You could run a fine-toothed comb through from top to bottom when I got through!

Topper both rides and drives, but over the past two months we have been concentrating on the driving aspect. I have learned to harness, hook the cart to the horse and harness, how to sand and blacken hooves, trim ears, bathe a horse...and tons more I'm probably now taking for granted. With few exceptions, we worked every day--making adjustments to harness fittings and fine-tuning the performance. I did video almost every day so that the driver could see what was going on (behind the horse you can't see how he carries his head or his leg action).
Here's Topper in the tack stall with his harness on, waiting for his bridle and showtime.

Topper is an 8-year old gelding who was bred and raised by Homespun Morgans in Groton, New York. Dr. Holmes, the owner of this horse establishment, is the vet who is keeping Lynnie healthy.
At the end of our first day of showing, we had two ribbons in two classes!!!! Here is the display board for ribbons, complete with a bench, flowers, and pictures of some of the Homespun horses. The little plaque on the bench came with the red ribbon! It was so exciting--being in the ring--having our number called as ribbon winners!
I have to tell you that it has been so hard to keep this a secret! I felt like I was living two lives!

Tomorrow: Part Two, complete with pictures of me helping to harness Topper and of us going off to a class. Unfortunately, it is impossible to take pictures while you are in a class, so some things I had to recreate afterwards, but it will give you an idea of what went on at the show.
Okay, are you surprised? Disappointed? Any reaction?
You're still all special--and thanks for waiting for it!


  1. Horsing around. I should have known.

  2. Oh how FUN! My sister is the proud owner of Morgans and they are truly beautiful! Topper is a fine example. I have to say I am surprised at the new activity, but not so surprised that you are excelling at it. ~(:D)


  3. Furthest thing from my mind - I never would have guessed. Congratulations on the ribbons! Topper is beautiful!!

    Cindy O

  4. You were right - I think we are all VERY surprised! Congratulations on the ribbons. It's wonderful that you have something so exciting that doesn't involve your life's work: quilting and knitting.

    Congrats, again! Keep us posted on all this!


  5. As a fellow horse enthusiast, I have to say you could not have picked a better hobby! Although, if you really think about it, pole dancing in a pink and green yoyo bra, well, has its own charm and charisma. I love driving myself, and try to get out with my daughter’s pony every now and again. Showing is a whole lot of work, but pleasure driving is really, really fun! KUDOS to you for branching out and doing new and exciting things =))))


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