Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wait for It

Dear Blog Readers:

I know this is so unlike me, but I probably will not be posting again until at least Saturday night. (I know, how is this any different than what I've been doing? But remember July? Still recovering!) At any rate, when I post next, it will be with an update on what I have been doing the past two months. Hint: It has NOTHING to do with quilting or knitting. You will be really surprised when you find out! You are welcome to guess in the comments, but there will be no prize, even if you are right--just the satisfaction of knowing that you were right!

I have actually been quilting and knitting. Had to rip back the toe decreases on a sock last night because instead of doing an SSK I did a slip slip passover--EEK what a disasterously looking mess that was! (Breathe, Barb, breathe!)

Hand applique, machine piecing, ironing, vacuuming (the vacuum looked vaguely familiar), and semi-cleaning my sewing rooms. Basically that means that I couldn't get in the rooms, let alone find anything. The island is still covered, but with a prepared class's stuff, an open notebook ready for setting instructions for a quilt we are finishing in an on-going class, an open Book on CD case, my lint roller, stapler, and various and sundry other items I put there as a way station.

Gotta run for now. What did I tell you...I tell you what I told you--you are each special. Hold that thought until I get back to you.


P.S. Are you stumped? Dumbfounded that I actually would do something besides quilting and knitting? Scratching your heads over what it could be? All will be revealed next weekend! Wait for it!


  1. Oooh, I can't wait, I can't wait. Tell me now. Oh, let me guess...No, I don't know. Tell me now :)

  2. are you getting remarried?????? that would definitely be something else besides sewing and knitting and gardening and cleaning--hey has any one seen the vacuum cleaner lately mine is missing???????/
    Just crazy Di

  3. My friends and I are burning up the "blog airways" with guesses and possibilities. But, we will have to wait until you tell us! So, hurry!

    Glad to hear you're knitting. All knitting requires ripping out from time to time. Just keep at it!


  4. This is terribly devious of you. You're not running away from home, since you said you're coming're not having a baby, are you?

  5. let's see it;s time for another guess i think??? I know you had so many comments on your "hops" that you are going to go into the beer/wine business?????
    hugs, just, Di

  6. NOOOO I got it--you wrote a book--and not one about quilting or knitting--a love story or maybe a mystery???????/
    guess who????

  7. Prefer to remain...anonymousSeptember 18, 2009 at 11:42 AM

    I know, your getting married, having a baby, writing a love story and having a sex change operation! It was that whole move away from the denim and toward the gold spandex...... Darn it, I knew this was coming..... We should have had an intervention.... Ok, ok, either that, or your taking up pole dancing ever since you saw the bra with the pink and green yo-yos..... Sharon, honestly, we all have things that catch our fancy, but geesh! We were all ok with the auctions and the pink glass collectables, but this just may be that new step too far. Honestly, pole dancing with a pink and green yoyo bra and a jeweled tiara.... HEAVENS ;)

  8. Sunday afternoon! Hellooooooooooooo!


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