Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Updates and More

The winners of the Brazieres for a Cure 2009 have been announced and I can now show you my judge's choice!

This bra was covered with yo-yo flowers in the most beautiful pinks and greens. And you've got to love the fringe! Here's a picture of the whole bra plus the lovely ribbon that Louise made.

And here's the lady who started it all: Louise! With her entry--a bra totally (and I do mean totally) covered with hand embroidery. You (not me!) could easily wear this as an outer garment to rave reviews. Congratulations on a job well done, Louise! And remember, readers, there is still time to vote for Viewer's Choice and for you to bid at the auction. Check the schedule of events at www.Brazieres4aCure.blogspot.com.

A small group of students meets regularly at one student's house to work on quilting projects. Here are most of them with their finished flags. They used different fabrics, machine quilted the flags and bound them! One of the non-pictured "finishers" was Hannah from Vermont, who worked very diligently and completed her flag and binding in record time. (She was done before the others met again, and she was home by that time!) Great job, ladies...now it's back to the bed quilts! (The great luxury of doing things as a continuing group is that we can set the pace ourselves. We started in February on bed quilts. Took a break to do the flags and then another meeting to do the binding. Then we did the Featherweight cleaning class and now we are returning to the bed quilts. It was a nice break!)
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print for tonight. Happy back to school for the parents of school-age children. Sorry the summer's over for those teachers reading this. And fall is just around the corner--how did we get to September already!
Are you remembering how special you are? And remember to be kind to those around you. Everyone is struggling with something--usually something they are good at hiding, but that a kind word or gesture helps get them through the day. Be thankful for the many blessings God bestows upon each of us every day--they are there, even when we don't think so.
Hugs to all,


  1. You must have had alot of fun judging all those brazieres - they look wonderful! What a great and novel idea for a wonderful and worthy cause!

    Cindy O

  2. Sharon, one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is how you always end things on a positive note. I too have just started my own blog when I can and try to do the same. Thank you again, for being such an inspirational lady... sylvia


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