Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mama Said...

there'd be days like this! On Friday, October 16, we were awakened to this:

Much too early! And the temperatures have been lower than normal. I'm still hoping for "Native American" Summer so I can finish up my outside stuff. Luckily I turned off the water to and drained the outside spigot a week ago!
Last Wednesday, I had the great good fortune to have dinner with none other than Anita and Dick Shackelford! They were passing through the area and we had a chance to catch up. If you have been keeping up with the blog contests, you know that Dick won a while ago. He really wanted a trumpet vine and this was my chance to give him not one, but two, with the strict warning that they are invasive and you really can't get them all out if you change your mind! Anita and I figured out that it had been at least two years since we've seen each other in person! Way too long!
Yesterday I was in Batavia at the Museum Quilt Guild for a lecture and a half-day Dresden Plate class. It's a wonderful guild and the members are prolific and welcoming. You can see more of my visit and their show and tell (my favorite part of going to guilds!) at I had a great time and I think everyone else did too.
Kathi was in the class yesterday and she has been hard at work on her plates--you can see her progress and more pictures of my visit at her blog: An absolutely wonderful day.
Then...this is where the "days like this" saying comes in. I was about 15 miles from home when disaster struck. A four point buck was in the middle of the road, heading into the other lane (away from my side). I swerved right anyways, just in case...but he changed his mind and ran into my beloved Jeep! The front headlight is gone, the grill is broken and the driver's side front fender is severely dented. The good news? I was not hurt, and the car is drivable. State Police came and took care of the deer and did all the requisite paperwork. I continued home, with one headlight working. I did call the insurance company Saturday night, but of course have to wait until tomorrow for the adjuster and all that great stuff. It could have been much worse--and I am thankful to walk away with minimal damage (I say minimal but I'm sure it will be the national debt to fix!).
And for those of you wondering, yes, I am still working with the horses. Mostly cleaning stalls and filling water buckets. I figured out yesterday that I usually end up filling 13 five-gallon buckets and then using 6 of them to fill the stall buckets with. That necessitates lifting each five gallon pail at least waist high to pour it into the buckets in the stalls. One of the mares, Electra, is a bit skittish about my being in the stall--but after I groomed her and combed out her mane and tail with exquisite care about a week ago, she has been more accepting. There is just something about going into a barn and having the horses nicker at you that is just so special!
Guess that's about it for now. I've been busy with classes and a bit of knitting. I know I haven't said this in a few days but: Are you remembering how special you are? We are each so unique and have so many gifts. Let's make a point of celebrating them each and every day.


  1. Thank Heaven that you weren't hurt! You know what kind of luck I've had with the deer. I swear they're just out to get us. See you in a couple of week for first Tuesday. Big Hugs, Jay

  2. Sorry about your jeep, but I am glad that you are okay!

    As for the snow - you can keep it!!! It is way too early for that stuff even up here in the North Country.

    Cindy O

  3. I drove 2571 miles and only saw deer crossing signs and moose crossing signs. You are so lucky, you get to see deer all the time. Glad you are well, but that poor Jeep (read deer magnet). Thanks for driving over to see us. The trumpet vine is in the ground. I'll let you know in the spring. Take care and use your high beams.


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