Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching Up

Time sure flies when you're having fun--so I must be ecstatic! Last week I made a quick trip to Rutland, Vermont, to lecture for the Maple Leaf Quilters. While I had high hopes that the leaves would be at peak, it was not to be. Most of the trees were bare. I had a great time with the Maple Leaf quilters--they have the coolest name badges--all based on maple leaves, of course!

The view from my window was this:

Snow! But only on the higher elevations, thank goodness! Here is the same mountain in the morning, when almost everything was shrouded in fog.
Pretty, isn't it?

On the way home, I was able to snap this:

I made a stop in Gloversville at the quilt shop and when I came out, my tires were covered by these beetles (I think they are beetles!). Almost prehistoric looking and the ground was covered with them! I'm surprised they survived the frost!

Now it has been back to work locally. Lots of classes with students eager to learn the correct way to rotary cut, machine piece and press. Next week is filled with handwork!
I went to an auction tonight and my magic did not work. I believe it was because I only waved one hand over the items as I repeated "these are mine". Pink depression glass salt and pepper shakers, a covered condiment dish and a bowl. The bidding was fierce, but I always set a limit on what I will spend and these went higher. Oh, well...there's always next time! And I did get 21 rows knitted on the foot of a sock--so all was not lost.
If you felt the earth move earlier in the week, it is because I washed all my windows and the curtains. I also had the irresistible urge to...vacuum! So I did. I try never to ignore the urge to clean as it comes infrequently.
Remember the unfortunate deer incident? $2200 in damages. My repair guy is the best--had it done in 3 days and it looks better than new. Thanks, Dave--you rock!
And, for those of you who have heard the rumors that Bud, my go-to guy for Featherweights, is retiring--the rumors are false!!!! I talked with Bud directly and he said he plans to die at 94 and they will have to pry the sewing machine from his cold dead hands!!!! So he will be fixing machines for many years to come. You can't imagine how relieved I am to know that.
Okay, I think that catches you up to date. Did you miss me?
Hugs to all,

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  1. Of course we missed you! See you on Tuesday. Big Hugs, Jay


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