Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Proud

Last weekend I was a vendor at the Tompkins County Quilters Guild Show. The quilts were fabulous, the silent auction offerings were some of the best I've seen, and my students did me proud.

On Sunday afternoon, the awards are announced. You could hear me all over the arena as Marion Tobey was given the Nina Linton Award for best new quilter! Marion looked shell-shocked as she took the envelope! I'm jumping up and down hollering "Marion! Marion!" (I am nothing if not enthusiastic!)

Here are some pictures of Marion's quilts. The blocks are from Bea Oglesby's Wildflowers book. These are the FIRST applique blocks Marion ever did! She's a master embroiderer and took to needleturn applique like she was born to it! She also hand quilted her pieces!

A close-up of the top quilt.
And a close-up of the lower right block. Just superb! Congratulations, Marion--well deserved!

If I had been given a dollar for each time someone came up to me and said "Did you see the Dresden Plate quilt over there?" I would be rich! This is an absolutely fabulous piece by Carol Reeves. Her border fabric is what she started with and she fussy cut all the blades. AND...she hand pieced and appliqued the blades/plates and she hand quilted the piece!

Definitely a winner in my book! Congratulations, Carol, on a finished quilt, complete with label! You did good!

I am so very proud of all my students!
Hugs to all,


  1. You should be proud! Those are gorgeous quilts! Well done ladies!!

    Cindy O

  2. sharon!
    i miss you a lot, and i hope you are well.
    i quilt a lot (every day)making presents etc.
    i renew my invitation to you.
    i saw the beautiful works on the blog. and the rainbow! here it is 105 F, but on thursday it will return to normal automn temp.
    did you see LQuilt on the internet? what do you think about it?


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