Friday, March 19, 2010

Nosing Around

Hide your eyes if you are tired of posts about horses--'cause this is another one. Guess who?

Yes, it's none other than Topper, the horse from the show last September. With the break in the winter weather we have been thinking about the new show season.

Topper, of course, is not the least phased by our thoughts and plans. He really thinks he is above all that!

And, just in case you get the wrong idea about Topper, here he is looking very handsome--and doesn't he just know it! His tail has been braided and wrapped all winter and we took it down and brushed it on Wednesday. It drags the ground by almost a foot--but will be shorter by show time.

Some of you may be disappointed that every post is not about quilting--and for that I am sorry. But I can't tell you what learning something different does to your entire attitude. Two years ago knitting re-ignited my creativity and now working with the horses is doing that in yet a different way. For over five years I did little but work--and now I am getting a life, literally. Think back to something you enjoyed as a kid or a younger adult--is it feasible to try it again? Or a different version of it? And remember, keeping your mind active helps to keep Alzheimer's away. I have some quilting stuff up my sleeves, so stay tuned--you won't be sorry!

Hugs to everyone who believes they are special (that should be all of you!),

P.S. You may notice some changes on the right side of the blog posts. I have added my picture (my eyes, my eyes!), updated my "complete profile" and added several more blogs to my list. Enjoy!


  1. Topper is for sure a handsome horse! I like seeing different topics along with quilting. You are right in that we need to branch out in other areas in order to keep our creativity flowing!

    Happy First Day of Spring!

    Cindy O

  2. Happy National Quilt day--even with Horse pictures your blog is always a pleasure to read and usually a chuckle or two!!! I am so glad you are doing the "Horse" thing--like you say it is good to have something else in your life--I have had my cancer friend Mary and our tea time every day---only she is not doing tea these days and is just not doing well--I would give anything if she could keep on living--but----
    I did go to Sue's Football game today and I think I will join the team--after all who doesn't love "lime" green!!!! And even though it is quilting it is still something a little different--right??
    Guess I really need a cat or a dog--oh give Lenny and Callie a hug for me!!!

  3. What a besutiful (or should I say Handsome) horse. Love the blogs and always the pictures.
    The horses get you outside and in the sunshine. Enjoy.

  4. Because you took the time to comment on the story about my son, I have the opportunity to explore your postings. I understand perfectly why you you mix your love of Topper with your love of quilting. I thought early on to use my blog to share my love of quilting, but it did not take long for me to slip my love of family in between. I will be back to check on you and Topper. We have sunshine here today, second day in a row! Not really spring yet as another storm arrives tomorrow. Hope your winter is over too. I am also an Earlene Fowler fan.

  5. good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

  6. Love to hear about the horses!


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