Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turn Signals

When did the use of turn signals become optional? I don't remember seeing anything in the newspaper, on TV news or anywhere else. And I've noticed that the newer the car, the less the turn signals are used. Are turn signals optional equipment when you order a new car? Do the owners of any/all cars feel that there are only so many flickers per light and that they will be used up too quickly--thus requiring replacement?

Am I now supposed to be a mind reader and just KNOW that you are going to cut across three or four lanes of traffic to get to the off-ramp? And I love the "click turns"--you know, one flash of the light and then -WHAMMO, turn! I've been on the road a lot the last couple days and I am just amazed at the lack of turn signal use. For goodness sake, it's not like in the old days when we had to stick our arms out the window in all kinds of weather to signal a turn. We are warm and cozy or cool and collected inside our cars, requiring only a mere flick of the wrist to flip the lever up or down.

I guess the next thing the car manufacturers need to address is an intuitive system that will automatically know which way you are turning and will key the proper turn signal without your having to move a muscle. (Okay, you heard that here first just in case there is a royalty dispute over this invention!)

Thanks for listening. I just had to let that out or I would have to...well, I don't know what. But it wouldn't be pretty.

Hugs to all,

P.S. For you movie buffs: "Right turn, Clyde!"

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