Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A First

Comments made on each posting are forwarded to my email so I don't have to search for new comments--which I did before I figured this out! Imagine trying to remember how many comments had been made and figuring if more had been added! Mind-boggling, shall we say.

I look forward to comments--it means a lot when someone takes the time to respond to what I've had to say. And I don't mind if people disagree with me--if it does not take a right turn toward mean.

Imagine my surprise tonight when reading my new comments. Especially to my "Lucky Girl" post. I have deleted the offensive text, which was left anonymously. It was rude and mean-spirited. I sincerely hope that I got it off before any of you saw it. It makes me angry that someone would use my blog as a vehicle to strike out at someone. And shame on them for doing so anonymously.

On a much happier note, please check out Janet's comment on "Here Today". Janet, your words made my heart sing--thank you. And heartfelt thanks to all who comment in the spirit of friendship and lightheartedness that I try to bring to the blog. You are appreciated--each and every one of you. (I especially pointed out Janet's comment because I read it just before the "other" one. From high to low with a mouse click.)

Next post--back to our regularly scheduled good cheer.

Lots of big hugs,


  1. Hi Sharon, It is so sad to see how "rude and nasty" people can be on the internet. It seems that the anonymity makes them awfully brave. You have to wonder if they act the same way in person with their family and others that they know. At least we know that we're not behaving badly. Big Hugs, Jay

  2. Sharon,

    I missed it, but I am assuming it was directed at me? If so, there is only one person that would act in such a cowardly manner and that person would be my ex-husband. I apologize for such rudeness.



  3. Consider yourself hugged by everyone who enjoys your great spirit and enthusiasm for everything you do... it was just someone's day to be a little turd. (will it let me post that word??? we will see)..

    Kathleen from California

  4. Pay it no mind, dear Sharon. Everyone who knows you knows how kind and generous you are. Beyond words....
    I did not see the post - I was so enthralled with Janet's comments.


  5. I didn't see the negative comment either, but I'm glad my comments came first. I loved seeing your work - the only thing better would have been to see you, and considering where I was, that wasn't too far fetched.


  6. Sharon,
    Just wanted to say thanks for class the other night...I always leave with a lighter step! We have so much fun and it's a great way to escape from the rest of the world....I think I'm becoming a groupie, too....
    I'm off to quilt in the Adirondacks for the weekend..a yearly retreat with good girlfriends....see you're the best.


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