Sunday, October 24, 2010


Saturday morning I was up at 0 dark thirty to drive to Scranton, PA. The day was spent in the company of 13 fabulous women who wanted to learn how to quilt my way. All I can say is WOW! They all worked hard--some had never quilted before and some had quilted with the rocking method (but were not satisfied with that method). By the end of the day, all were making stitches that were great on the front and the back and were justifiably proud.

Doesn't everyone look so serious?

At the end of the day--happy smiles all around. Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful day. You made me very proud. Special thanks to Maria for hosting this quilt fest and for the pictures. (And the trip home was uneventful!)

Where in the world is Sharon Stroud, you ask? You just never know!


P.S. Many thanks for the supportive comments on the last post. They meant a lot.


  1. Thanks for sharing! It was a great day that we didn't want to end!!! So some of us girls went out to dinner (not like there was no food leftover.LOL Glad your trip home was a safe one.

  2. Sharon, thank you for a wonderful class. The day just went so fast and we all enjoyed you and your great teaching!

  3. Scranton!! Let me know the next time you are going that way...I would love to find the quilt shops and quilters in that area as my son thinks that is the place for me when (if) I retire.

  4. Sharon,

    I was one of the ones that never hand quilted before. Still practicing, but enjoying it. Your teaching is so detailed, step by step, you make it so anyone can try and get decent results. So glad to have met you....had a great day.


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