Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Signs of Summer

October 1. Hard to believe...where has the time gone? For me, it's been spent quilting and horsing around! Can't get better than that!

As I was touring the gardens the other day, I found these beautiful roses. They are small and not especially fragrant, but they are hardy and bloom right up until frost.
I cut the silver lace vines down every year and they come back better than ever the next year. This year has been no exception. My dad and brother built an arbor over the parlor window and it is completely covered with vines. When you sit in the parlor, the light is very filtered and the vines crisscross for a jungly look from the inside. Birds even nest in it! Here are some close-up shots of the blossoms.

We got over 4 inches of rain yesterday. I was, of course, on the road to do a lecture. Poured all the way there, unloading, reloading and all the way back. But we were very lucky not to have the flooding that the south had.

Leaves are turning colors fast and the geese are flocking. Sure signs of fall. Although yesterday, with all the rain, there were as many frogs and toads in the road as there usually are in the spring! Who's confused?????


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