Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When I ask permission to show someone's quilt on my blog, I always ask how they would like to be identified. Thus, I offered the maker of this fine piece: Donna, Donna H. or Hot Donna. She actually did not choose any of those, but the Hot Donna reference just makes me laugh out loud!

Here's what Donna Hopple had to say: "So here is my take on Charley Harper's "Herondipity" with thanks to my husband and Cincinnati in-laws for making me aware of this great artist, and to Sharon for teaching me how to create it!"

Donna's workmanship and attention to detail are stupendous. This work includes needleturn applique, hand embroidery, folded flowers, "fun fur" yarn to make the breast feathers, sequins and hand quilting. Here is a close-up of the head and neck.

And of the embroidery and other details.

There is a dark navy border surrounding this center--it shows poorly in the first photo, but looks perfect in the finished quilt. It has been an absolute joy to watch Donna take Charley Harper's drawing and make it using fabric and hand stitching.

Many thanks, Donna, for sharing this. You should be very proud--I know I am.


P.S. I'm listening to The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson and Martin Dugard. Still reading Julie and Julia--very different from the movie. Next up: Burn by Nevada Barr.


  1. That is beautiful. I bet it is stunning!

  2. This is wonderful. Nice work Donna and thanks for sharing it Sharon!


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