Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shelburne Farms, Part 3

As I passed the Farm Barn for the first time, I saw a sign pointing to the Breeding Barn. Thinking, foolishly, that it was probably just around the bend, off I set. Quite some time and several turns later, there it was.

Built in 1891, it has 56 box stalls surrounding a great hall. Until 1939, it had the largest unsupported span of any building in existence.

The view from the other side.

The structure you see in the middle of the barn in the photo above, seen from the side.

The windows you see along the roof-line are huge, opening all the way to ground level. Imagine that natural light pouring in as you were riding in the building. Almost a "cathedral" feeling to it.

This is a photo of a photo showing the inside of the Breeding Barn. See the stalls on both sides? The measurement from side to side and front to back, of just the open area, is 360 x 72 feet. All the horses could be in front of their stalls and one could still ride easily through the center.

Plans are underway to use the barn for special events. I was unable to go inside the building, but during the summer, tours are available. The stalls have been removed, leaving only the support beams, and the space is very open.

Better pictures of this and other spectacular barns can be found in a new book: Stables: Beautiful Paddocks, Horse Barns, and Tack Rooms by Kathryn Masson. It's a feast for the eyes, whether or not you love horses.

I am planning another trip to Shelburne Farms when tours are available. Maybe I'll see you there--I'll be the one with the camera, with my mouth wide open and eyes agog.

And there you have it--a mini tour of Shelburne Farms' barns. I can honestly say that my photos did not do them justice.

Hugs for now,

P.S. Next up is "Hot Donna" with her fabulous new quilt.

P.P.S. What I'm reading: Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. I loved the movie so much that I wanted to read the book. I'm loving it--and it is different from the movie in many ways. I am listening to Whiter Than Snow by Sandra Dallas, Foreign Influence by Brad Thor, Fantasy in Death by J.D. Robb.


  1. What a fantastic time you must have had!

  2. Thanks for the tour...I think I have a case of barn envy!


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