Monday, November 8, 2010

Shelburne Farms, Part 2

The Farm Barn--built around 1898. It is truly a remarkable structure. This photo was taken while the light was still good and shows the barn from a corner. See the turret on the left? That is the other end of the building.
The next photos were taken with available light. It was truly dusk and I didn't think anything would come out--but not bad for an amateur! This is coming along the back of the barn--a different view of the same turret.

The main gate. Massive pillars that attach to stone walls that form the front of the courtyard.

The main barn: Four or five stories high, depending on the source of information. I found a postcard showing it framed up, including the cupola. Impressive, indeed. Even more impressive? The courtyard--the part enclosed within the main barn, the "wings" and the stone fence--is 2 acres! So imagine how big this structure is.

This is the same corner turret, but from the front. Imagine seeing this structure, not knowing what it is, as you come around a bend in the road. There is a working dairy on the farm and cheese is made in this barn from the milk of the Brown Swiss cows. I did see the cows and waved as I went by--both ways. It seemed the polite thing to do. (Okay, I also waved to the two horses and the multitude of sheep I saw too--so sue me, I'm friendly!)

I truly have saved the best for last. Wait til you see what's in store.


P.S. Are you remembering how special you are? I know that several people probably need a reminder--so here it is. YOU ARE SPECIAL! (Sorry to yell, but some people don't hear so well!)


  1. Thank you for these great posts and pictures! I would love to take a trip up there and see all of this.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share this with all of us. YOU ARE SPECIAL, TOO! Hear me..??


  2. Thank you for sharing your trip and pictures with us. What a beautiful place.

  3. AWESOME PLACE!!! After reading "breeding barn", I had to research what breed they had, which turned out to be Hackney. I was also suprised to find that the Misses was a Vanderbuilt.... woo hoo! I have seen some pretty amazing stables, including Martha Stewart's grand barn where she hosted a dinner party. Where else to host a grand feast!!



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