Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Stuff and Just Stuff

After almost 24 hours and at least twelve tries, the photos downloaded. I'm not sure what the problem was, but I'm going to quickly move on before something else happens!

A few weeks ago, several of us who meet to quilt were asked to do quilts for a hospital nursery. The quilts were supposed to be 36 inches square, machine quilted and sturdy. I made the two that follow. The other ladies used smaller squares and borders--beautifully done. But they all wondered why they hadn't thought of doing the bigger squares--thirty-six 6.5 inch squares. I cut and pieced both tops in a couple hours. The machine quilting took a couple hours each and I machine topstitched the binding in place. Not a single hand stitch!

The quilting on the first one is done with (sort-of) straight lines on the diagonal as well as horizontally and vertically. I used variegated King Tut thread in both needle and bobbin.

Same fabrics, just arranged differently. Each quilt has a couple "different" squares because I ran out of a couple. All the fabrics were from my stash; I used muslin for the backs and an old Jinny Beyer print for the binding.

A close-up of the quilting on the second one. Just started on one side and drove a crooked path to the other side. No lines match or mirror each other. Whenever something went a bit wonky, I told myself that some wee one would love it despite its faults. Two good things.

And now Just Stuff: First, birds...lots and lots of birds. This was taken in November. I think they were all smart enough to head south. Or I definitely would have seen them in the snow. Okay, we've had enough winter. We are going to be so lucky to get lake effect from now until early Thursday, with high winds and bone-chilling wind chill temps.

Looking for some great Christmas music? Try Glee the Music, the Christmas Album. It's toe-tapping, waltz around the room good.

I haven't forgotten the window story--just need to get the window painted and the curtains up to show the before and after pics at the same time.

Last Saturday I hosted the annual make and take ornament class at the local library. Twelve people came and made tree ornaments complete with hand quilting, buttons, stars and imagination. I think I figured out this was the 11th year--and each year is a different ornament.

Guess I'd better close for now. If you can, stay in and do some quilting--it's perfect weather for that!

Hugs to all,



  1. Hi Sharon, Interesting title, but there's no stuff. Blogspot must be acting up, because the contents of your post don't show up. Hugs, Jay

  2. What a great gift for the nursery babies!
    Have a great holiday season.



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