Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Remember Fall?

While in the throes of winter, I found it comforting to look back to late October and wind-swept clouds and storm tossed Lake Champlain. No coat required. No boots...or mittens...or hats...or scarves. Do you remember those days?

I am ten rows from finishing the second wrister. Today was a day to run errands, plus my new laundry room window was delivered. Not installed...but in the building! How exciting is that!

Plus...Nona rocks!!!! She won Hell's Kitchen. Russell was a sore loser--nobody would have wanted to work for him--and then he threatened to blackball his whole team if they tried to work in any city he is. A perfect example of poor sportsmanship. Proving yet again that "if you can't be a shining example, you can serve as a horrible warning"!

More tomorrow!



  1. Great pictures, Sharon. Thanks for the pictures of the quilts, too (in previous posts). Glad to read that you're still knitting. Stay warm.


  2. Yes I remember October well....and I do wish it can be warmer....I really dislike winter...Love the picture


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