Thursday, October 27, 2011

Knock Knock Knock...Penny

Knock Knock Knock...Penny! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) But this really is Penny! Part of Penny's consolation prize for not going on her planned trip with friends was that I would put her picture up on the blog. (Okay, her friends were texting her and emailing her pictures from the trip--and they were supposed to be in class with Penny if they had not gone without her! So turnabout is fair play.) So Penny has worked on her first Monthly Bliss 1 block and is making good progress. I was thrilled to see her, but sad that she was not on her trip. Life...happens!

Today we received these gifts: snow and wind and cold. It's not unusual for us to have snow on Halloween--but we aren't at Halloween yet. Geez! Killing frost tonight. Notice that the hops vines on the shed are pretty much gone already.

On a personal note, many thanks to all who have commented or sent cards or thought of my family. It has meant more than you know. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. You are indeed special.

More tomorrow. Class pictures from Wednesday to show!



P.S. I listened to One Summer by David Baldacci (I may have listed this before, I honestly don't remember) and am listening to Killing Floor by Lee Child. I am reading The Tell-Tale Horse by Rita Mae Brown (only one more book in the series and I am up-to-date!) (Did I mention Edge by Jeffery Deaver?)

P.P.S. Lest you think Penny and I were upset with her friends for going without her, we were not. Their texting was a way of keeping her close. True friends.

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  1. Hi Sharon - I remember Penny, and she was always smiling, just like in that picture!!!! I can't remember in which class it was, but we were in one of your classes together!

    Geez - snow. Funny, no snow here in California..

    sorry, couldn't help myself. Hugs, Kathleen


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