Saturday, October 29, 2011


Wednesday was truly an "all star" day! Four ladies worked very hard on rotary cutting, precision machine piecing, and pressing to make what I call a "triangulated star".

First up is Marlene with gorgeous shades of purple and black. A gift for someone special, it is absolutely stunning!

Chris is up next with dark gray, white/silver and a brick-ish basket weave background. We purposely chose to alternate the basket weave fabric to add even more interest. Chris has started pinning her two halves together ready for that final seam.

Wilma chose dark green, bright red and black for her star. She has a bright pink for the small border and a lovely rose patterned fabric that pulls in all the colors for her large border. Truly eye-catching!

And Claire! Claire chose to use eight different fabrics combined with black for her star. Her plan is to use scraps from the star colors to make the small border, followed by black. Her grandkids will love this one!

As you can see, what a fun and productive day. We cut and laughed and sewed and laughed...well, you get the idea. Great job, ladies!

That's it for tonight.

Hugs to all,


P.S. Yes, Kathleen, you remember Penny from the In Baltimore Style class! And she is always smiling! Love the borders on your new quilt!

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