Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Fabulous Quilt Top there anything better?  If you saw the quilt from last night's post, you can compare that with this one.  Cassandra, from Pennsylvania, just finished this top and is justifiably proud.  Not wanting a square quilt, she designed the "transom" top using components from the original blocks, along with her own special touches.  Her use of borders effectively frames the applique units.  Can we say WOW?  (I tried really hard to get her to show her face, but all I could get was a bit of her hair.)

Just lovely, Cassandra!  You do me proud!

Just a quick note on the strange weather we had today.  Blustery and snowy to start.  Then add in sleet and a shift in wind direction.  Then more snow...followed by freezing rain.  And just a few minutes ago there was thunder and hard rain.  Who knows what morning will bring?  Only Mother Nature...and she's not giving any hints.

Facebook elation:  Finally, after almost two years of trying, my Facebook account is now officially deleted.  Yes, you read it right...not just deactivated...DELETED!  It's a new feature for those of you who are also trying to delete your accounts.  It takes two weeks for the account to be officially gone and you cannot go into the account during that time period or you will be reactivated.  I know the trend is toward lots of social media--but I find my blog to be plenty social enough--but feel free to add more comments each post so we can feel even more social!

So there you have it for Wednesday, February 29.  Leap Day is almost over and then we are into March.

Blissful hugs,

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  1. Sharon / Cassandra -- this quilt is beautiful ! You should both be proud. Love the color choices and the transom border is perfect !

    Thanks for sharing.

    Still thundering early morning here in Owego...



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