Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Quilt That Friendship Built, Part 2

Nine of us, including Cindy, met one evening and assembled the shoo fly blocks.  Each person signed their blocks in Pigma pen.  I took the blocks home and assembled them.

A detail.

A close-up.  The machine quilting was done by our friend Debbie.    

"Gramma's" signature on a block she made.  We made the stipulation that the quilt had to reside at Gramma's house, to be used for this first grand baby and any others that follow.  (She's hoping for lots!)

And this is a different quilt made using the same process.  We did this at the mother's baby shower instead of games.  Said baby is now walking and talking and growing like a weed!  This was fabric from the Hungry Caterpillar line.

And the surprise, you ask?  Tomorrow (or Friday) I am going to share with you how to use this idea for your own party.  We've used it for a baby shower, a gramma quilt...but wouldn't it also be great at a bridal shower?  Or a birthday party (how about your own)?  Graduation?  You get the idea.

So don't run off before you get the pattern.  Ya'll come back now, hear?


P.S.  A correction:  The Thimbleberries wreath in a prior post was incorrectly called Country Wreath.  Its real name is Countryside Wreath.  I've corrected it on that post, but wanted you to know in case you were looking for it!  Sorry!

P.P.S.  When you compare the first and last pictures on this post you can see what a difference my new design wall hanging system has made in my pics.  


  1. Hi Sharon, Great pics of the baby quilts. They are so fun. Are we going to get a post about the new design wall hanging system? Big Hugs, Jay

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  3. The bottom pic is Sam's quilt! Yay! That quilt has been in her room every single day of her life. The wonderful, talented women that helped make it at my shower are always in my heart.

    And yes...she is growing like a weed, walking, talking and attending preschool and "winter fairy" intro to ballet classes! :)

    Hugs & Love,


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