Monday, February 13, 2012

Better Late Than Never

At least two years ago I made the center for this wallhanging.  I wasn't very thrilled with it for a variety of reasons and was ready to put it in the "don't like will never finish" pile.  While contemplating its fate, it resided on my design wall.  My mom went in one day to see what I was working on and just loved it!  So, I added the borders and finished the top.

My friend Debbie longarm quilted it for me with tiny holly leaves and berries, which added texture and more interest.

And guess what?  I had no green fabric to bind it with!  Many of these fabrics are vintage Thimbleberries.  There were not even enough pieces to string together for binding.  So...I carried it for almost two years looking for the perfect binding.  No luck.  I even begged friends and students to search their stashes.  No luck.  So...I decided I would carry it one more time to a quilt store (that was December 2011).  If I didn't find something that day, black was the answer.  Eureka!  A blackish green with slightly lighter green that complemented the Thimbleberries green border.  So, many moons after it was started, it is now finished.  My mom still loves it and I can't wait for her to have it at her house.

The pattern is Countryside Wreath by Thimbleberries.  The wreath fabrics and reds were from my stash, the background was from my stash.  All I had to buy was backing and...the elusive binding.

More to come!


P.S.  Terrie from Canada: should work from anywhere.  I have friends in Canada, England and Israel who use that.  If you still have trouble, go to my website; there is an Email Sharon heading in the right column.  Hit on that and it will take you to a message form.

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  1. Sharon -- I can see why your mom loves it ! It is beautiful in those vintage colors. And the quilting just sets it off.

    Thanks for sharing !


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