Friday, August 24, 2012

We Have a Winner!

While you are ALL winners, this is a special award that comes with a ribbon and everything!  Doreen from Auburn, New York, won a first place ribbon for her flower garden quilt at the New York State Fair!!!!!

This was Doreen's first official applique project.  Her friend Ruth asked her to come to class with her and didn't tell her that it was a 13-month class!  Doreen's work is spectacular and I am including the pictures from a previous post to help you remember the quilt.  Fabulous machine quilting by her daughter Mandy.  And she gave the quilt to her mom!

Congratulations, Doreen!  Well deserved!  Be sure to look for this winner if you are at the State Fair.  It'll be worth the trip!

On a personal note, many thanks to all who posted comments about Callie.  For such a small cat, she certainly had a lot of "presence".  Those 14 years went by in a flash.  She was dropped in November of 1998 and we adopted her.  She was always tiny which I guess made me think she was always young.  In her heart she was.  Thanks again.

Blissful hugs to all,

P.S.  I am listening to Night Vision by Randy Wayne White, a new-to-me author.  I like his style.

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