Saturday, January 18, 2014

Student Show and Tell

I've been collecting pictures of student quilts and now would be a good time to start catching up!  

First up, Susan.  Here is her version of Baltimore 3D, which won a prize at the guild show this fall.

Next, Green Thumb.  This, and Baltimore 3D, were hand appliqued by Susan and machine quilted by her friend Sandy.

This is Triangulated Star, or as her kids call it "Strangulated Star".  Machine pieced of reproduction prints and again machine quilted by Sandy.  All three of these pieces are absolutely beautiful.  Great job, Susan!

And Cheryl, whose work you have seen on other posts, comes in with a Dresden Plate quilt made with chicken fabric.  Fussy-cut one blade at a time, hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted by Cheryl.  (It's just fowl, I tell you!)

Here's a look at her quilting design--it is just lovely and so well executed!  Who loves hand work?  Cheryl!

It's been colder and lots more snow--I actually had to use the snow blower today.  That's the bad news.  The good news?  I have a snow blower that works, I know how to use it and I did!  It's good to be empowered!

Have been working on the Mariner's Compass quilt today--still making 4 inch blocks.  A couple more blocks (because I had a couple that didn't work out) and then I can take a wild ride and see if any other layout works better than the one I currently have.  Just a bit of tweaking--nothing serious.

Stay warm and have a great Sunday!

Blissful hugs,

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