Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Prize Reveal

Janet, if you haven't received yours yet, look away, so you can still be surprised!

Back last July I posted the 600th blog on this site.  And there was a contest involved.  Four people were able to answer the questions (or came close enough) and won an-as-yet-unidentified-prize.  Taking a lot on faith, eh?

Life intervened and the prizes were not done until December (late December).  Two were hand delivered, and two were mailed.

Here's what they received:

You've seen variations of these on this blog before.  They are made from a free pattern by Terry Atkinson called Sweet Zip.  It is so much fun to choose the fabrics for each one.  The little heart pull-tabs say "made with love".  Though very tardy in being delivered, I hope that each recipient enjoys them.  Thanks to everyone who played!

Can we say snow?  And cold?  It's already 0 degrees actual temperature.  Down to minus 20 with windchill.  And we probably have at least 6 inches on the ground, with more falling steadily.  I've actually been in the mood to dust and vacuum, sort through stuff and give a good deal of it away.  (No, not fabric!)  Finished hand sewing binding on a tablerunner and have been doing a bit of knitting.  And reading and doing crosswords like they really will keep my brain sharp!

Stay warm and travel safe.

Blissful hugs,


  1. They are soooo cute... oh lord that sounds just too cold!!! Stay inside and quilt ! Kathleen

  2. Happy New Year Sharon!


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