Saturday, May 31, 2014

Student Show and Tell

Cheryl loves hand work.  While others were making 18 hand pieced blocks, she made 39 AND hand quilted the whole thing!  Isn't she amazing?  Can you tell she loves purple?  She has her Mariner's Compass quilt for this year set and probably hand quilted by now.  I'll see her this week and keep you posted!

Peggy Smith took a hexagon hand piecing class with me through her guild.  When I saw her at a lecture recently, she brought back that project and another.  We do hexagons with regular hand piecing, not over paper (English paper piecing).  You can see her center and two rounds on, with the third round pinned at the top right, ready for sewing.

I thought this was a great idea:  Peggy used her embroidery machine to make her label directly on the backing fabric before quilting.

And this was the other project, hand appliqued pine trees from a guild workshop I taught in 2010.  It's just lovely and the red binding is the perfect finish.  (The bottom binding is cut off--by me, the o supremo photographer.  Sorry, Peggy!)

Great job, ladies!  It's exciting as a teacher to see projects either in progress or finished.  So don't hesitate to share your flimsies and/or flimsies-NOT (aka finished).  I love them all.

Blissful hugs,

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