Monday, June 9, 2014

Impressive Student Flimsies

 Impressive indeed!  First up, Ruth P. finished her Monthly Bliss 3 top.  It's a beauty and will be perfect for the Christmas season.  Great job, Ruth!

And Cheryl finished her Mariner's Compass Bliss top!  She was the first done (the class just finished last week!) but others are closing in.  The purple background gives this a different feel than the navy.  Did I mention Cheryl LOVES purple?  Just beautiful.

I'm always excited to see progress on class projects!

This morning I had a dental cleaning appointment.  When I got there, several of the hygienists were staring out the window with binoculars!  It's a beautiful rural setting, with bluebird houses and a large field that is just growing wild.  Curious, I asked what was going on.  The reply?  The "resident" doe had gone into labor and they were watching to see the birth!  She was not far from my "portal" when we started the cleaning, but she moved out of sight as we progressed.  When we spotted her again, she had had the baby and it was up and suckling!  Just amazing!  A great way to start a Monday!

Okay, enough for tonight.  See you tomorrow.

Blissful hugs,


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