Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Waited as Long as I Could

 After I posted about my to go bag here, I waited.  Why?  Because I wanted all of you to have a chance at all the great stuff on Hot 4 Handbags.  There were several items I had on my wishlist, but still I waited.

Until I couldn't wait any more!!!!!   The horse bag you've seen.  All the other things came today!

Check these out:  Two different sized "pencil" cases, two different sized clasp purses, three snap pouches, two mini fobs, and two more open wide pouches! 

Here they are opened so that you can see the cool linings.  You will see at least some of these in classes.  They just make me smile!

Feeling left out?  There are still over 100 things for sale on Denise's Etsy site, Hot4Handbags.  I get no endorsement fees from telling you about these great pouches--just the satisfaction of seeing your smiling faces as you acquire your own.

Blissful hugs,


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