Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm Baaaack!!!

The best laid plans of quilters everywhere--often go astray!

Yesterday I decided to set my All Curves and All Points blocks on point and make a small runner. My original plan was to put a final border of the pink daisy fabric around the whole thing, but that didn't look right. I toyed with taking the corner triangles off and making it pointed on the ends. And I am now considering ripping it apart and making two separate small hangings, with a small inner border of the darker fabric and a wider border of daisy fabric around that. But I'm still cogitating on it. (The piece is really rectangular--my design wall has a bit of a wave that impedes flat photography. That's why I'm so much better with any subject but my quilts!) What would you do with these blocks? Keep them together? A different set? Let me know!

When I got to my hand quilting without a hoop class tonight, Karen Fritz had brought her finished Monthly Bliss 1 top. She took the class a couple years ago and decided to design her own set for it. Now she's "relearning" how to hand quilt--she is used to stabbing her underneath finger and rocking. My method eliminates frames, hoops and sore fingers! I can't wait to see this top quilted! Great job, Karen!

A new bunny picture to leave you with tonight (I guess technically it's early morning). I have crocus and tulips poking their heads above ground and my daffodils are in bud. The peepers are still peeping--but we are supposed to have snow by Monday. Happy Thump Day!


  1. Is adding two more blocks to the All Curves All points and option? It would look nice like it is shown in the picture with two more (easy for me to say.) And I would balance it by putting the curves opposite from each other. The colors you have work so nice together.

    Are we going to get to see baby bunny pictures? I love those little guys.


  2. This is a tough one, Sharon. Your idea of taking the corner triangles off might work. And then bind it in the lighter fabric...?? At first glance it seems like there's too much of the dark fabric, but it's hard to tell from a picture. It's a lovely piece and I'm sure you'll come up with the right solution.

    The Bliss quilt is very nice, too. I wish I was at the point of quilting one of mine!

    We are enjoying all your pictures. And we're waiting to see what you're doing with those new fabrics you showed us a while back.

  3. The table runner is somewhat reversible the way it is, if that makes any sense at all. You could plunk a vase of daffies in the middle and each side of your table will look different. I'm for keepint it the way it is.
    Nancy A


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