Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Perfect Sunday

Almost 60 degrees, sunny, slight breeze--what a perfect spring day. It's also my mom's 75th birthday (don't tell her I told you!). She's the best mom ever--and even though I may be extremely biased in that opinion, others have said the same thing. Many even want to be adopted by my mom! She's that special and more.

Lynnie and I spent most of the day outdoors. My silver lace vines had grown into a jungle and were making the arbor lean--rather precariously. So I took hand clippers and a bigger branch lopper and went to work. I couldn't reach the very top, but I have one side completely bare, and the other side about half. The vines had also reached over onto two sections of picket fence that were at least four feet away from the arbor! When I was sitting in the parlor earlier, after pruning, it was so bright inside that I thought I'd have to put on sun glasses. I guess four years of not pruning silver lace is not a good idea!

I heard the peepers for the first time today! I know they need to be frozen off three times, but it was so exciting to hear them!

Hopefully I'll have more quilting news for you tomorrow. I haven't touched a needle in two days--busy with other things. But I have several new projects to start and/or finish and then I'll share them.

Hope your Sunday was as wonderful as mine has been. Happy quilting!

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