Friday, November 14, 2008

Reaping the Benefits

On Wednesday, November 5, the last class for the Southwest Block of the Month was held at Pucky Huddle Delight in Candor. Students have been working diligently since February. And "block of the month" was quite the misnomer as we actually did two blocks per month, and, depending on the size of the quilt top desired, many made two, three or four versions of each block! It's always so exciting to see the final results! Here we go:

First is Renee's king-sized quilt top. All she has to add are the borders which feature a cardinal print. (And, no, that is not Renee peeking from behind the quilt--it's Nancy C--her quilt is next.)

This is Nancy's quilt. She did a bit different set, eliminating the outer row of cornerstones and sashing for a more old-fashioned look. Nancy actually worked on two different tops at the same time--the other is shades of purple with a wonderful Asian border fabric. Pics when I see her next!
Believe it or not--this is Peggy's very first quilt top! She did an excellent job and her blocks were all the same size--no easy feat! She is deservedly proud of her accomplishment--and so am I!

Linda G. chose a dark purple background and played lighter colors against it. Isn't it dramatic? Using the background fabric as her border finished the piece perfectly!

Two Ginny D's were holding up a quilt...whose quilt is it? It always cracks me up with both Ginny's are in class--because both of their last names begin with D! In this case, it is the Ginny D. on the right who is the proud piecer of this beauty! Her border fabric is a light blue with a strawberry print--perfect to finish this! The other Ginny D (left) also was working on a top, but preferred to wait til it was a bit farther along before photos. Rest assured, it is wonderful, as well.
Great job, ladies! You do me proud. And the fact that you are such special women into the bargain makes it even better. That light to the north is me grinning broadly!
The two Ginny D's make me think of a class where I had three Pats in a class of five! The one I knew the most became Pat C (because I knew her last name!), and then there was Pat Plaid (she was wearing a plaid blouse) and Pat Stripe (who by sheer coincidence was wearing the same LL Bean shirt I was!). It was too funny throughout the day to call each by their "new" name. Pat Plaid said that she hoped the name did not stick forever! The biggest problem will be if they all show up in another class together but wearing different shirts!!!!!
The next post will have pics from my trip to the far east--stay tuned!

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