Saturday, November 22, 2008

They Are Prolific!

I think students often don't realize how much a teacher likes to see the results of a class. I am always excited to view class work--whether still in pieces, a finished top, or completely quilted and bound! So here are more student works!

Sue S. started this top in my Dresden Plates class at O'Susannah's in Watkins Glen. She increased the size from an 18 inch wallhanging to this beautiful piece. The fabric is butterflies and became even more stunning after being fussy-cut. Pam brought her finished Dresden Plate pillow to the Glens Falls guild meeting. It is beautifully hand quilted both front and back.
Then Cheryl brought in several projects she had also started at O'Susannah's. First is her hand quilting piece. The stitching is very even and looks the same both front and back!

Next is her five-pointed star--hand pieced!

And these are the pieces she made at the Applique Day--All Points and All Curves. Such a variety of skills displayed!

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your work. Kudos to all!
As for me, I've been busy cleaning my sewing rooms--yes you read that right roomS! It had gotten to the point that I could not walk through and the closet door definitely has not been shut in several months. So I hauled several large bins upstairs to free up some space. The stuff in the bins are finished tops, backs, etc. and definitely did not need to take up valuable real estate where I work. I was able to free up enough space to add a small table at the end of my island--and can't believe how exciting it was to have two workspaces! Callie still has her fleece on the corner of the island, but is a bit better about not getting near the "action" area.
My big adventure since the last post was locking myself out of the house with no house keys, no car keys and no cell phone! And Lynnie in the back of the Jeep ready to go to the vet's. It was a comedy (now) of errors to get in the house and then get her to the vet. Needless to say, we were late (the vet is wonderful and just laughed at the tale of woe). The folly started when I decided I did not want to take my purse with me to the vet's. Old coat, big pockets with food, leash, wallet and plastic bag. It wasn't until I closed Lynnie in the back of the Jeep that I realized I had no car keys. I am going to try really hard not to make that mistake again!
Safe travels for Thanksgiving and enjoy your holiday!

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  1. Your vet episode so closely represents my life lately that I am very worried for you. It usually works out ok in the end, but that never makes me feel better in the moment!



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