Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still Alive

I was almost not going to post tonight, but I knew there would be trouble if I didn't. It appears that I have stepped onto a super fast escalator or something, and I can't seem to stop long enough to take a breath, much less post.

In the last two days, I have completed the basic applique on my ruching sample, knitted on a hat, painted (with my brother) my mom's kitchen ceiling, groomed eight horses, broke ice out of buckets and refilled them, got hay down, worked at a Super Bowl Sale at Pucky Huddle Delight, waited almost two hours for two pizzas that I never did get (note to everyone: Never order pizza on Super Bowl Sunday), and have finished handouts for another applique class. Tired yet? I know I am! So I am going to finish this, finish packing for tomorrow's classes and then collapse into a chair for a few minutes and then drag myself off to bed.

Pictures will return.

Hugs to all,


  1. Hi Sharon, I'm exhausted after just reading all that you accomplished. WOW! I hope you get some rest. Hugs, Jay

  2. How do you find the time and energy to do all that? I'm exhausted just reading all that you did!

    Cindy O

  3. Yesterday, I heard there are 40 million pizzas eaten on Super Bowl Sunday. And you didn't get one? What luck. You have better luck with deer.


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