Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everyone is a Winner!

After several people de-lurked and the regulars weighed in, how could I pick just one winner? So I have declared that everyone is a winner and will receive a prize. Now, don't get too excited--but I think you will be pleased. I will show the prizes after they have been mailed to continue the suspense! Now, I need addresses, please! Several of you I have--MAC, Janet, Jay, Cindy. For the rest of you, please email me at sharon@sharonstroud.com to give me your snail mail address. That way the information will be safe and not spread everywhere! I just hate that!

On the horse front, I have ridden Electra again--and let's just say it was an adventure and leave it at that. Okay, I will say that I did not fall--yet. After I posted about cleaning the saddle, I bought a bridle! Can we say "undertow"? It still doesn't seem real to be working with horses again after all these years. But I am loving every minute!

On the quilt front, I have almost finished quilting a small piece--would have had it done Saturday night but the power went out at 9 pm and never came back on until Monday at 12:30 am! The house was down to 48 degrees and Lynnie was wearing her outside coat inside! It was too dark to do any handwork, no electric to do pressing and/or machine work. So Lynnie, Callie and I huddled in bed reading by flashlight! I do have major basting to do before the weekend and before next week. At least I don't mind it.

Okay, that's it for now. I'll try not to be such a stranger--every night I think about blogging, but then I think "it's late, I don't have much to say, I'll do it tomorrow." That's how it got to be May 11! I'll look forward to hearing from the winners!



  1. WOO HOO! We all won! HURRAY!! That's exciting. Something to watch for in the snail mail. Wow! Over 24 hours without electric must have been awful. That's enough to give anyone a new appreciation for the conditions in which our foremothers and forefathers lived and worked, and they still managed to make amazingly beautiful quilts. Another riding adventure with Electra. That's exciting as well. Too bad that I live so far away, or I would pop over and help you with the basting. I always find that there's something very soothing and relaxing about basting. It's just very rhythmic and enjoyable. Well, I've blabbed on long enough. I was so happy to find your new post this morning. Try to keep warm! Big Hugs, Jay

  2. Fat Quarter QueenMay 12, 2010 at 2:46 PM

    Just dropped by to say "hi!" Love your Horse Adventures and look forward to hearing more! This is my first attempt at comments, so hopefully I can do it right! I'll try to visit your blog more often, and I'm sorry I missed being one of the winners. Was also sorry to hear that you lost power. We had a few "brown-outs" but the lights stayed on! CCR the Fat Quarter Queen

  3. No electric? That takes the cake - as miserable as it's been here, at least we can turn the heat on. Thanks for letting me be a winner. :)



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