Friday, May 14, 2010

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Of all the birds, phoebes are my favorites. They are not brightly colored, but they can be sassy in spirit and usually return to the same nesting spots each year. I am very lucky because several pairs nest just outside my sewing room windows. There is a small old shed at the corner of the lot that needs to be taken down. And every year I have good intentions of demolishing it--but the phoebes get here just before the weather gets good enough to work outside and they build nests over the door! I just cannot bear to destroy the nests--so I say I'll wait for nesting season to be over--then, of course, it is too hot and then the fall is busy and then--well, they must feel really secure that they will always have a home in the shed!

The weekend is upon us again. I am working all weekend--but I hope each of you has a chance to sit back and enjoy whatever life brings you in the next day or two.


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