Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who Knew?

Last year, after retreat, two friends and I made our way to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. If you have never been, make it a destination this summer--you won't be disappointed. The apothecary is a must-see for Anita and me--we love the cures for brain worms and other maladies. We are still not sure how one would know if one has brain worms, but are somewhat soothed to know there is a cure! ;-)

This year Sharon G, Gale and I made our way to a new building (new to us)--the glass exhibit. Extraordinary examples of decorative and useful plates. I was particularly enamored of this two tone plate--I had seen examples of all blue and all cranberry, but never two colors on the same plate. It just amazes me the amount of detail in some of the older stuff--not just plates. How did they do that?
Had an excellent day--taught nine eager and talented ladies to hand quilt my way. We had a ton of fun and they did an exemplary job. Laughing and learning should always go hand-in-hand.

Have a great Saturday night and a wonderful Sunday.



  1. Hi Sharon,
    As you know, I am generally a "silent" reader of your blog. But I do want you to know how much I enjoy it - and all of the topics you discuss. Quilting, birds, horses, nature, museums - I love them all. Thanks for sharing and know that many of us are non-commenters, but love the blog.

  2. Hi Sharon from one of your students...took your advise and have worked on my "feathers" almost daily....also have example of how "stitches" change with time between so made "sample stitch piece using the instructions given at class-very easy and I LOVE the results of smooth, easy to work piece
    thanks for a great class-you'll see me again....

  3. Are you coming to VT again ???? I'd love to learn your hand quilting method !


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