Thursday, May 27, 2010

Virginia: Chapter Two

On Friday morning, the intrepid traveler turned into quilt teacher. Dresden Plates of Distinction was the order of the day at The Artful Quilter shop. Ladies hedged their bets by bringing more than one fabric so they could choose the absolutely perfect one for their project. As a group, the quilt teacher felt that they were the quickest to actually cut into their fabric, rather than staring at it indecisively. It was a wonderful day and the ladies left with a knowledge of fussy cutting, hand piecing and a bit of hand applique.

While teaching, the quilt teacher (hereinafter referred to as TQT) developed a sore throat and a bit of stuffiness. So on her way back to the hotel, she stopped at a mall to pick up some cold/sinus medicine. She had just gotten back to her room, when the room phone rang. Not knowing anyone who might call her on the regular phone, TQT hesitantly picked it up and said "Hello?" At the other end of the line was Eileen, a student from that day. She explained which fabric was hers so that TQT would be able to identify her (it was Day of the Dead fabric with skeleton newlyweds). TQT did remember her by name but the fabric reference sealed it! She said that she and her husband were just finishing dinner across the street from where TQT was staying and wanted to know if she'd like a tour of the Washington Monuments after dark! Having just lamented to herself on the way back to the hotel that she was so close to DC but having no faith that she and Lee would escape alive or any other way, she had just figured it was not going to happen. Then to get the call asking her! She sincerely hopes that she didn't quite shout YES. Grabbing her camera, TQT shot out the door to meet these most gracious tour guides.

(Now, gentle reader, you probably already know from reading prior chapters of the intrepid traveler's blog that she rarely gets into the pictures she takes since it is hard to extend one's arm far enough to capture a monument and TQT. So you are in for a treat--actual pictures of things AND TQT!)

Marco and Eileen whisked TQT off to downtown Washington DC. TQT tried (she thinks in vain) not to act too touristy, but you be the judge. Finding a parking place not far from the White House, the trio were walking to the White House when the motorcade left the vicinity with police escort and sirens blazing (our tax dollars at work). After the excitement died down, we proceeded to a photo op. (Yes, dear reader, that is, for better or worse, TQT in the flesh. You may want to avert your eyes.)

Here is the permanent Christmas tree that stands in front of the White House. Very tall!
Sprinklers were on and aimed so that one had to time a quick run to avoid being soaked. Adding to the excitement of the evening. Through the sprinklers you can see the Jefferson Monument.

From the White House, our touring trio started for the George Washington Monument. It was just turning toward dusk, but the lighting had not started.

After climbing to the base of the monument, there was a high alert for a breach of the base blocks. Selflessly, TQT threw herself against the bulging base to avert danger to others. With superhuman quilting strength (carrying those bags of supplies is not for nothing!), she was able to push the bulging blocks back into place, disaster avoided. And always wearing a smile!

Stay tuned for Chapter 3, when more sights and sightings of TQT will magically appear!
Respectfully submitted (I swear it is all true!),
Eileen and Marco, stop that laughing this instance! You know that's what happened--I mean it, stop that laughing! Seriously, you two are the best tour guides ever--more of our adventures to be revealed soon! S


  1. I believe you have started a new acronym....I love 'TQT'. Sounds and looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Sharon, Well, it looks as if you had a fun evening around Washington, D.C.. After that selfless act of heroism and bravery saving the Washington monument from disaster & destruction, it seems that some sort of Presidential recognition should be forthcoming. I imagine that President Obama will some declare a national TQT Day. (GRIN) I'll be anxiously waiting to read chapter 3. Big Hugs, Jay

  3. Sounds like you had alot of fun! Can't wait to read the rest of the story.

    Cindy O

  4. Have you ever thought of writing a book based on your adventures as a TQT?

    Cindy O

  5. Methinks TQT has had a wee bit too much of the cold medicine.... Or, TQT bought the cold medicine not in the first aid section of the sore, but rather the area reserved for adult beverages..... In honesty, is there really a difference????

    I shall ponder that....

    Looks like you are having a GREAT time and that is truly what matters!!!!


  6. Sharon, you are funny. I am going to enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. very understanding. i look forward to the further adventures of TQT, Nadine


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