Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog-us Interruptus

When you least expect it. I had been doing really well with posting every day. Thursday I didn't get home until close to midnight so I decided to wait til Friday. Friday night I started the post, went to pull a document from my flash drive and found it didn't work!!!! Talk about panic!! I tried the drive in my desktop computer--same thing. The computer kept giving me the "please insert disk into drive e." But the disk was in drive e! Today I took the drive to the computer store and found out that Yes, Indeed, the drive had been damaged. How, you ask? Only the Shadow knows, apparently.

So, please, if you can keep good thoughts, prayers, crossed fingers--whatever you use for luck--that my data will be able to be recovered. If not, I will lose untold pictures and documents.

Remember when I said if you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning? I am once again the horrible warning. When I got my laptop, I told the salespeople that I had never had a laptop and they should give me some guidance. Unfortunately, they handed me the computer and that was the end of that! So, unwittingly, I was using my flash drive to store files and pictures on, afraid that my hard drive would crash! No one really told me to do anything different. (I know--stupidity is a personal problem.)

In the meantime, I have purchased (and installed) a 1 TB external hard drive. I did ask if 1TB was enough--now I am totally paranoid, and I will save some things to the computer hard drive and only do a few things on a flash drive when I need to transport data.

This was a hard (and expensive) lesson to learn. I'll keep you posted, but please, please, keep good thoughts for my data to be retrieved. And don't rest until you've backed up all your files in at least two places.

I'll try to get back in the swing of posting every day again--needle info is still coming--I just have to type it back into the computer. Don't give up!



  1. Oh! Sharon I hope everything can be saved!!!! What would we do without our computers? I am grown very depended on mine.. Wish you luck...Maria

  2. Saying prayers for you and hoping you can retrieve your data!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. If you have high speed internet access, you might want to consider using a back up service like Carbonite. It may take a while to upload the information, but you don't have to worry about drives failing...and fail they do.



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