Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That Judy E!!!!

Have I said recently how proud I am of my students? Well, Judy E. of Auburn, New York, really outdid herself this time. You may remember Judy's quilts from an earlier post. She brought these two beauties to class last Thursday.

First is Monthly Bliss 2: All the blocks are hand pieced and she set most of the top by machine but shared that she had done some of the sashing by hand to get the most accuracy and sharp points. This is her Christmas quilt, and even though she didn't get it done for Christmas 2010, it will be a cherished heirloom from now on. And it doesn't look too "Christmas-y" to be displayed longer than the holidays. (Judy asked that I not show her face--but I did get her shoes!!!)

From hand to machine: Twelve 6-inch finished blocks all done by machine. And, trust me, those points are sharp! Judy hand quilted the blocks and then finished with machine quilting in the borders. Just delightful!

Thanks, Judy, for sharing. And, Beth, if you are reading this, we missed you at class. Hurry back!

Just got Secretariat and watched it all, movie, extras--everything! Wonderful movie! And a veritable cast of who's who! Some unexpected surprises there.

Tomorrow's post I think will include a bit of quilt marking info and a knitting finish! I'm not sure what else yet! So stay tuned!

Trying to stay in stitches (literally)!


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  1. Hi Sharon - these are great! Good work, Judy!!!!

    I just started a new hand-pieced project, using the skills I learned in your class!!! (and I am getting more patient with all the marking and pre-work that I wanted to just skip!) Take care, stay warm, Kathleen in CA


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