Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilting Tip and Knitting Finish

Tonight I want to show you a marker I have been using for several years. I tried it at first on quilts that were small, in case something untoward happened. I kept track to see if there was any degradation of the fabrics, any discoloration, etc. After a couple years of okayness, I started using it more regularly, including my show quilts.

What is this, you ask? The Clover White Marking Pen (fine). That's how it is labeled. Here is a pic of my quilt marked with this pen and then hand quilted. You can go over the lines a couple times to make them "whiter", and I have even used this on a light yellow. Just remember that you have to let the ink dry for it to be seen! I used about half a pen the first time I used one trying to determine why I couldn't see the lines! Imagine what they looked like when dry!!! (The lines do lighten as your hand rubs over them.)

When the quilting was finished, I steamed the top with my iron! You can see how all the marks are miraculously gone! Just remember to have all the quilting finished before steaming. I was quilting a black quilt with black thread and wanted to see what the quilting looked like without the white lines. After completing a good-sized section, I steamed that area. Unfortunately, the steam traveled outward and took out marks where I had not quilted. So I do know what I'm talking about here!

This entire piece was batik--applique, top, backing, binding, sleeve. When I have the binding sewn down I will show it to you in its entirety. It will be my second finish to the year! This photo just shows you a section of the applique and a bit more of the quilting.

Also finished is the second sock of this pair! I am completely enamored of knitting socks! This is my plain vanilla cuff--K3 P1. Great TV knitting or travel knitting. Soft wool socks! They make your feet feel like they are having a spa day!

The colors are richer than they appear in the pictures.

So that's it for tonight. It feels good to be making a dent in the backlog. Plus I have several designs on paper--ahhh, decisions, decisions. Finish old stuff or start new and continue to add to the backlog! What a dilemma!

More soon,


  1. thanks for the research...and the point on your applique is a beautiful thing.
    Hot Donna

  2. Beautiful....hopefully my stitches will be as wonderful as yours...I keep practicing....LOVE hand quilting your way!!!!!!

  3. I love the Clover markers. Can you recommend something for light fabrics?


  4. Thanks for the great tip, Sharon! I went out and picked up one of these pens. I had tried them in the past, but now I will use them with greater confidence. And thanks for the pics!

    Glad to hear you're still knitting socks! They are a great "pick-up" project. And you're right - they're heavenly to wear!



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