Saturday, June 11, 2011

Endless Mountains

On Thursday I had the privilege of spending the day with ladies from the Endless Mountains Quilt Guild in Sayre, Pennsylvania. These ladies are so much fun!

In the afternoon I presented the Stained Glass Tulip workshop to twenty eager students. Eight of us had dinner together, where we laughed and talked and laughed some more! A trunk show of many of my early quilts followed. Presented by decades, people were able to see how my tastes and skills have changed since I began quilting in 1988. (Can we just say that my very first "quilt" went to the New York State Fair and the comment they had was "quilting should go through all three layers".)

Can you believe that several of these dedicated women continued to applique on the class project throughout the evening--and five of them finished the center applique. Here are the smiling faces of (l to r) Traci, Marie, Kelly, Mary, and Sue. What a great job, ladies! I'm so very proud.

Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do one thing everyday that SCARES you." My scare for today was driving the tractor at the barn and learning to use the bucket loader on the front. No power steering. No one to talk me through it--just what I learned by watching others over the last few months. I had a big stall to clean on the end of the barn farthest away from the manure spreader--so I needed the tractor. At the worst, I figured I could just stop and park the tractor if I chickened out in the middle. But I loaded (by hand) and dumped (with the tractor) three loads. Can we say WOHOOOO? (I know that's a stupid story, and no one really cares, but there you go. If you are this far, you obviously read the whole stupid story!)

Okay, enough nonsense for tonight. Many thanks to all who commented on the blog or to me in person about Floyd. It meant a great deal.

Hugs to one and all,


P.S. I am listening to Secrets from the Grave by Tami Hoag; it's the sequel to Deeper than the Dead.

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